32​.​77 / -96​.​76

June 5, 2015
Heterodox Records
Producer: Dimmer Twins

Recorded LIVE at ASH Studios & Art Space in Dallas on April 18th 2015.
“Full of wild legato lines and looping delay–that’s the technical aspect of it. There was, of course, more than that. A storm was coming, we’d booked the show well in advance so we had no way of knowing that we’d be playing in the middle of a thunderstorm with high winds. The show was in a cinderblock room with a big warehouse door at one end which we’d elected to keep open so the room would stay cool. Partway through bill-mate Smokey Emery’s opening set we could hear water splattering on the floor as the room breathed and coughed with the expanding pressure and the roof began to leak at the wall line. We started to play the Ash Studio staff pulled the paintings away from the walls and did our best to play the storm away, or at least use it in our performance, and how that came out is what you hear here. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones once said that “when you’re playing in a storm it’s like God has shown up to play with the band.” We don’t believe that, but the rain did pull something exciting & kinetic out of us, and here it is.” ~Dimmer Twins~

Ricardo Acevedo / Synth-Keys, Live Loops and Beats and Christopher Petkus / Guitar, Effects, Loops and Devices aka DIMMER TWINS

Live shot and video projections by Raphael Umscheid. Special thanks to Fred Villanueva and the staff of Ash Studios