8 Broken Glasses

June 14, 2020
Lost Cat Magnet
Heterodox Records
Producer: Scot Markland

8 tracks of LCM’s signature sound that merges classic electronica, art rock, avant-guard spoken word, with a psychedelic aesthetic and flair. Groovy trance and techno influenced rhythms, spoken word poetry, ambient soundscapes, and jazzy leads come together to make a lush and dynamic listening experience.

Lost Cat Magnet/LCM aka Ricardo Acevedo has been creating electro prog, avant new wave and trance groove and noise for nearly 40 years. He was a leading member of west coast and southwest musical acts Freaks Amor, The Blue Box, Second Culture and Cup throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

All compositions and words – LOST CAT MAGNET/LCM – Synths, Samples, Keys, Vocals
Written summer-winter 2019/20 • C 2020 AnimaSonic Music all rights reserved.
Willie Oteri – Sax & Flute – Riot in the Meadow
Matt Henderson – Guitar – The Unraveling of Rex
Rights & Returns – Collaboration with The Viewer. Produced by Scot Markland
Cover art based on the works of Brandon Lynch all rights reserved –