Bombastic Tales

October 5, 2019
Heterodox Records
Producer: W.David Oliphant

A project that horrifically celebrates the music and artists that inspired my early love of experimental music. Krautrock, King Crimson, Stockhausen, Cage, Gong, Henry Cow, Zappa, Beefheart and a billion more. This idea is something that far exceeds my abilities but brings me great joy to produce and is of questionable value beyond that. Nor will any of this really sound like someone in particular. More like distorted and convoluted foggy memories they (the original musics) left behind and reassembled by a fool – W. DAVID OLIPHANT

W. David Oliphant (-wdo) is an Arizona based sound artist active since 1979. Inspired by the late 1970’s D.I.Y. Punk and Outsider movement he began experimenting with home-made ‘found’ instruments, electronics and tape manipulation techniques in search of the occult side of sound and the pure joy of creating sonic paintings.

This search includes solo and group adventures. Most notably the early 1980’s post industrial Maybe Mental and from the 1990’s dark ambient – electro-acoustic ensemble Life Garden.

During the 2000’s he migrated to a live performance computer based sound creation system which he has developed today into a unique laptop instrument that inserts chaos or chance at various points in the signal flow. As a nod to experimental composer John Cage and his invention of the prepared piano David calls this instrument a Prepared Computer.

In 2011 David collaborated with long time co-conspirator Sir Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls, Rangda) to create Beyond All Defects. This seminal work fully embraced the sacred and profane influenced by Tibetan Buddhist – Dzogchen sentiments.

With over 70 releases he continues this sacred sonic quest while remaining true to his Outsider – DIY roots following the idea to “it’s” conclusion without limitations, wherever that might lead.

Recorded Live in the Studio March 2019. c & p W.David Oliphant 2019