Garage Door Mafia [HTX105]

May 3, 2022
Ralph Barton
Heterodox Records

Created at 7033 ne Fessenden st Portland oragan during the late summer/ early fall of 2021. I began working on the material that would become this album after AMF and stopped on the day that a voice in my head said “Vodka will protect you from the Demons. Vodka will protect you from the Demon.” It did, too. Vodka saved me from killing a man, Vodka saved me from spending the rest of my life in Prison. Find me in the bar, I’ll tell you how.

Made entirely on a eurorack modular system. These recordings would have been impossible without the 4ms STS.

I’ve delivered newspapers, detassled corn, walked beans, scrubbed toilets, swept & mopped floors, fryed donuts, cooked hamburgers, posed nude for artists, sold art, telemarketed, rigged corporate lighting, drove a horse and carrage, telefundraised, threw rent parties, drove a truck, took real estate photos, ran the arts section of a large news web site, drove a bike taxi, vj’d at raves and in clubs, ran an art gallery, was a substitute teacher in a large inner city high school, edited medical narration, bailed hay, cooked for a caterer, sold bread, moved furniture, barbacked, worked the door, served drinks, painted signs, been a security guard, tuckpointed, repaired burgler alarms, married forign women, built guitar pedals &¬†eurorack synthesizers, published a magazine, ran a record lable, toured the country with my band, was a extra on a TV show, painted murals, built & serviced solar arrays, ran a warehouse, rehabed houses, wrote stories AND now, I have been a Garage Door Repairman!


released May 3, 2022