June 30, 2022
Second Culture 92
Heterodox Records
Producer: R. Acevedo & Ramon Mills
Recorded from the summers of 1991-92. During the hight of the LA riots and the first gulf war. No computers where used. Just on board programming, math and live playing.
With Keith McGrew – concepts, main synth & programing / Ricardo Acevedo – concepts, synth, main vox, guitar / Nathan Van Hala – keys, vox. / Kristen Van Hala- vox, flute / John Borchman- elect-guitar.Plus additional musicians: Mark Florin – Chapmin Stick / Abe Neilson – Bowed Bass, sampled vox / Ramon Mills – SynthAll music by Second Culture 92 / Lyrics by R.Acevedo except #6 by K. Van Hala
Originally recorded in 1991-92 at the Inspiration Tank, Running Springs, CA. Mastered at On-Trax, Riverside, CA
Re-mastered 2008 by R.Acevedo. Main engineer Dave Wiley of Migrant Labs, Austin, TX

#7 Re-mastered 2008 by R. Acevedo & Ramon Mills aka Production Unit Xero, Austin, TX