Mr​.​X [HTX129]

March 1, 2024
Production Unit Xero
Heterodox Records

Mr. X is a traversable wormhole of razor-sharp jungle beats and ghostly gossamer pop vocals, through invincibility starfields and anemone forests of swaying bass. Mr. X is a multivalent multiplicity, with everything from the dancefloor artillery of “Octarine Juke” to the airy ambient footwork of “Aethyr Breezeway” to PUX’s signature worldbuilding of “Mr. X’s Theme” and “Night City Noir.” Those looking to dip a toe through the stargate can start with the one-two punch of “Dakanna Ridge Blues” and “Kasharren Run,” for a speedrun of airy ambient crystallizing into blissed-out bass and impossibly intricate beats.

Mr. X is Production Unit Xero’s sharpest, tightest album to date. It elevates PUX’s pristine beat sculpting to the realm of pure alchemy. Equal parts imaginative and embodied, Mr. X will make you sweat and dream.


released March 1, 2024

All tracks Written and produced by Ramon Mills

Track 12 Written and produced by Enereph, John Nap, Jonathan Christ, remixed by Ramon Mills

Art by Ramon Mills