Post African Repetitions

February 28, 2018
Production Unit Xero
Heterodox Records
Producer: Ramon Mills

Post African Repetitions was inspired by a criticism of Aphex Twin’s music by Karlheinz Stockhausen. Although RDJ is one of my biggest and earliest influences, the album is not directly an omage to either artist, more of an exploration of the 2 musical worlds that I’ve been in between most of my my musical life. The world of beat driven and heavy electron music and the world of more contemplative experimental music.
The Meta layer to this concept is that I’ve also always been stuck in between the worlds of being a black man in America and having interests that were considered “White”. From table top role playing games and comic books to rock and roll and techno, to ancient mysticism. Time eased the roots of many or these things in the mainstream eye pretty quickly, but we are all Post African Repetitions.

Music: Ramon Mills
Art: ‘Sublunary Siphonophore’ by Bradnon Mononoke