Post Apocalypse Now

March 3, 2023
Heterodox Records
Producer: Ramon Mills, Jason Cesarz

One hundred and fifty years is a long time. Long enough to start fixing the environmental impact of the Gentech Wars. Long enough to assume that most of the world’s population can live in relative peace and safety. Long enough for many people to forget exactly why the world sits in a state of post apocalyptic reconstruction. The children born of the Gentech Wars, the Lunakalo, know all too well.
In this chapter, Lunakalo soldiers, Dynrah and Jasyndyl are assigned to a peacekeeping mission in the war torn state of Katarin. The line between Pre and Post Apocalypse blurs here, as corporations and theocracies continue waging wars to control and reshape the world.
After enduring the tragedy of The Krogja Run, Dynrah and Jasyndyl realized Xero had been right all along.
Enter the ongoing apocalyptic dystopian world the Lunakalo come to call the “Cyberpunk Disco.” No longer answering the call of the Battle Hymn of Neo Kaloria. No longer content in the dojo practicing Jhakyl Katas for melee combat.. Enjoy snacking on Trisilian Delight in the tropical cyberpunk oasis of Nasantraya. You can even Surf Ley Lines to relax amongst the sunny Fields of Lapaca.