Scylla [HTX123]

Heterodox Records Album
October 13, 2023
Meagan Jane Marron
Heterodox Records
Producer: Meagan Jane Marron

Meagan Jane Marron – Scylla (HTX123)

and yes, I’ve heard the stories of her hair –
how a man might lose his mind there, in the green,
trying to find the one green strand
that leads him home. And there it is – that sound –
coaxing from the gullet of the whirlpool,
or rising up to meet you, as you go down
into the dark.
Scylla, Abigal Perry

Scylla is a nymph, beautiful and graceful. Scylla is a monster, dreadful and bloodthirsty. Beloved, benighted, cherished and cursed, Scylla is a figure representing feminine power, and the price it so often exacts.

Scylla is a journey, an odyssey, beyond blinded cyclops and enticing sirens, seductive sorceresses and flesh-hungry sea monsters. On her latest for Heterodox Records, Meagan Jane Marron augments her traditional foundry of industrial beats and sci-fi sound design with lush, romantic MIDI trumpets and woozy seasick mellotrons, dragging you into the maelstrom of the twelve-headed hydra’s magic and desire. It’s one of Marron’s most emotive records to date, with its Boards of Canada music box chimes and bold, bright brass, while still featuring the immersive worldbuilding common to so many Heterodox Records recordings..


released October 13, 2023