June 28, 2017
Heterodox Records
Producer: Marshall and Acevedo

Describing themselves as “Techno-Prog”, UBA’s unique take on techno is upbeat, yet complex; droning, yet dramatic; dark, but full of light and energy. That unique musical style is showcased on their new album, SHA KA REE.

The recordings on SHA KA REE are live. No overdubbing or midi-sync was involved. The clutter of raw beat matching has been left intact to maintain the feel of UBA’s live performances.

SHA KA REE was mixed and mastered by Jared Marshall (Primary Mystical Experience), at Tea Farm Studios in Austin, TX. Produced by Marshall and Acevedo. Live recordings by Delp and Acevedo.

Cover art by Damian Downer NY, NY. Back cover by Benjamin Jenkins based on a photo by Raphael Umshied.