Snake Healer

May 3, 2019
Gloom Mountain Gospel
Heterodox Records
Producer: House of Gloom

Gloom Mountain Gospel is Jason Vapor and Goldie Paris

All tracks performed, recorded, produced and mastered
at House of Gloom in Johnson CIty, TN. early 2019

special thanks to.. Jason Jones, Chase Buchanan, Ana Lyon , Autumn Pearce, Kri Samadhi, Jamie Howton, M. Peck, Khristian Rosakruz, Scott Rader, David Smallwod, Sean Hølt, Pauk, Eric Rodent and the whole Make Noise crew
Patrcik and George at Backdoor Records, Christoph SakiBomb Kupernikus,
and Heterodox Records for releasing this album!!

released May 3, 2019