Spell 81

February 20, 2016
Luminous Creatures
Heterodox Records
Producer: Ramon Mills

This album was recorded in between Christmas and New Years 2009-2010.

From the Egyptian Book of the Dead:
Spell 81A (Spell for being transformed into a lotus)
I am this pure lotus which went forth from the sunshine, which is at the nose of Re; I have descended that I may seek it for Horus, for I am the pure one who issued from the fen.
Spell 81B (Spell for being transformed into a lotus)
O Lotus belonging to the semblance of Nefertum, I am the Man. I know your name, I know your names, you gods, you lords of the realms of the dead, for I am one of you. May you grant that I see the gods who lead the Netherworld, may there be given to me a seat in the realm of the dead in the presence of the lords of the West, may I take my place in the Sacred Land, may I receive offerings in the presence of the lords of eternity, may my soul go forth to every place that it desires, without being held back from the presence of the Great Ennead.

Music and cover art by Tara Cochrane and Ramon Mills