October 1, 2021
Lost Cat Magnet
Heterodox Records
Producer: Ricardo Acevedo

Static in my head is like a switch being flipped off and on as stations are being scrolled through from an early 90’s pirate radio signal emanating from the moon.

Snapshots left in the sun, faded of color then painted by hand from memory after years of drug use and therapy.

The attention span flux, explodes into cascading neon entities relaxing on a beach during a nuclear winter.

These examples of brain candy show the way I approach composition. A blur and thrust of styles from years of experimental and pop electronic music. All styles served here, even if just in passing fancy. I like being fancy and obtuse, profound and ridiculous, sublime as a jester full of lies.

Most of these tracks are based on improvised DAWless 2 track stereo recordings. I later went back through and improvised again on top, syncing my clock, via midi or by ear. Then during final mixes, like a stoned demon I molded them through effects and an editorial knife the stole souls for Arioch. Style is something I wear as a whim, I’m told I have one… but I have no idea what to call it.

Lost Cat Magnet – Synth, samples, beats, loops, vox, effects… etc.
Alex Fournier – Improvised upright bass and bow on She Dances…
Catnapp – Vocal samples on Land Line via Sounds.

Vitamin K – Dedicated to Keith (Second Culture) McGrew

Mixed by Ricardo Acevedo. Mastered by Ramon Mills.

All Tracks by Lost Cat Magnet. Copyright 2021 AnimaSonic Music. All rights reserved.