Talanus 2: Zero Point Funk

August 1, 2020
Production Unit Xero
Heterodox Records
Producer: Ramon Mills
Number of discs: 1

When the Outlanders arrived, they settled the suspicion, once and for all, that we were not alone in the universe.
And, as I had always presumed, one of the first ways they used to connect with our world was music.
Their alien sounds and rhythms, conceived by minds formed untold lightyears from Talanus, both mirrored and juxtaposed with our music. The emotions, feelings, energy, and vibrational constructs encoded in the music Brassa brought us from Absalom Station transcended space and time, showing true connection between all living beings in our universe, connected by the Aethyr.

-Dexter Jovian

Zero Point Funk is an interesting piece of meta art that manifested in my Starfinder game, focused around my “home-brew” world Talanus.

One of the player characters, Brassa, is a social media icon known for documenting various struggles against power around the galaxy. His first hit was a holovid about a music scene and genre called Zero Point Funk. The Z.F community used music activism to push back against greedy corporations on the vast orbital arcology, Absalom Station. Little did that player know that this exact mix of ideas: revolutionary social media and electronic music communities using music and community to resist Power, are cornerstone themes in The Aethyrium Cycle.

From the moment I heard this back story, I wanted to incorporate Zero Point Funk into my musical work. So, when Ian of Elrond, who is also in the game, presented me with the Talanus 1 album and the suggestion that I make a Talanus 2, bringing Zero Point Funk to life was the obvious choice.

Thank you, Jarrod. Thank you, Ian. Thank You, Captain Brassa Vemana Ida Karas of Clan Baeto House Tellus
released September 3, 2021

Written and produced by Ramon Mills
Mastered by Robert Galbraith
Art by Ramon Mills
all rights reserved