Talanus 3: Legends of Yasuga

February 18, 2022
Heterodox Records
Producer: Ramon Mills, Jason Cesarz
Talanus 3 is a sonic journey through tales from the lands of Yasuga, in the ancient world of Talanus..
From the LunaKalo ghost operative stealth of Jasyndyl the shuriken assasin, to the the tinkering tools of the Kraagin artificer Kosugi and his wizard rifle. You may find yourself being sucked down into the Creeping Haunt, or fighting for your life at Blackport itself only to come through to a valley breathing with light..
The songs sound like what they are about, as this EP was written and recorded between June-Dec.2021, and heavily inspired by the fantastical world of Talanus produced and created by Ramon Mills
Music and Art: noyouyesme
Production: Ramon Mills, Jason Cesarz
Mastering: Robert Galbraith