The Allegoric Misanthropical Orchestra

December 1, 2018
The Allegoric Misanthropical Orchestra
Heterodox Records
Producer: LCM, Mickey Delp, {AN} EeL and Ramon Mills

“In the fall of 2016 {AN} EeL and I came up with idea of bringing together a diverse group of Austin’s avant-garde and electronic musicians for a recording project. The concept was a 3 hour session in a large space, where players could come and go as they pleased. Setup a multi-track unit and record whatever happens. We put out the call out and The Allegoric Misanthropical Orchestra was born”.
~Ricardo Acevedo aka Lost Cat Magnet~

Mickey Delp provided the recording unit used and the project was recorded at Waveform Studios in Austin Texas. These are all one take, DAWless tracks. No over dubbing of any kind.

The players came and went but this is the best rough sketch we could muster:
Lost Cat Magnet: Synth, Keys, Effects and loops – All tracks
{AN} EeL: Vocal Improvisations, Electronics, Percussion, Cosmic Presence – Most tracks
Josh Ronsen: Guitar – Prepared and Non, Analog Synth – Tracks 2, 4, 5
Nathan Espen (XathaX): Modular Analog Synths – Tracks 1,2,4,5
Bob Bechtol: Electronics, Slide Guitar – Most Tracks
Art Pinsof: Synthesizer, Vocals, Drums – Tracks 2,4,5
Anne Heller (Aurora Plastics Company): Guitar, Theremin – Track 3
TJ Wade(Aurora Plastics Company): Keys – Track 3
Kevin Foltinek: Modular Analog Synths – Various Tracks
Damon Loren Baker: Modular Analog Synths, Vocals – Various Tracks
Lisa Mims: Percussion, Cosmic Presence – Most tracks

Mixed by Ricardo Acevedo (LCM). Mastered by Ramon Mills (Production Unit Xero). Produced by LCM, Mickey Delp, {AN} EeL and Ramon Mills.