September 18, 2020
Heterodox Records
Producer: Tiago Da Silva

A five song album of medium and longform compositions completed entirely remotely during the pandemic of 2020.
Time is a tool. Distance and separation provides introspection, provides deeper freedom for experimental exploration. This was the landscape that gave birth to Dimmer Twins – The Space Between.
Dimmer Twins, Ricardo Acevedo and Christopher Petkus, first formed in 2014 as a side project from their improv prog-noise band PetCatMan (with drummer Steve Mankenberg). The “DT” concept was to further explore drone and esoteric machine rhythm structures. Primarily improvisational in nature and live, Dimmer Twins released “32​.​77 / -96​.​76” on the Heterodox label,  full of wild legato lines and looping delay, but there was, of course, more to it than that.
All through Acevedo and Petkus’s working partnership they discussed how to go about a deeper exploration of the Dimmer Twins concept. How to allow all the aspects of their divergent styles to come to the fore while staying true to their avant-garde nature. Beginning in 2019 ideas started to coalesce, various textures and beats were exchanged, but life and other projects kept the concept of a second Dimmer Twins release, an album of more studio-based tracks, on the back burner.
Then in 2020, and the onset of tDIMMER TWINShe pandemic, both Acevedo and Petkus were provided the time and space to truly develop their vision for the aptly named “The Space Between”.
With tracks that range from neo-electro blues funk, to longform theatrical ambient landscapes, to angular and languid forays into experimental drones, using looping, live sampling and playing, and deep dives into pools of reverb and atonal note structures. DIMMER TWINS sought to create something truly one of a kind, that understood at once our separate state of existence, and our shared sense of connection to each other, time and life experience.
No one knows for sure what the future holds for any of us at this point. Dimmer Twins – The Space Between, aims to provide a soundtrack for that uncertainty, for all the wonder, curiosity and, dare we say it hope provided to us in this time of change.

Ricardo Acevedo (LCM): Synth, Keys, Loops, Samples

Christopher Petkus: Guitar, Soft Synths, Loops

Mixed by LCM. Mastered by Tiago Da Silva. All songs by Dimmer Twins c 2020. All Rights Reserved