Gloom Mountain Gospel


Gloom Mountain Gospel was started as A solo noise project by Jason Vapor. The first release was in November of 2016, titled “Freakshow”. Freakshow was a mix of samples, loops, some synthesizers and chaotic drum machines all glitched out and lo-fi. Since Freakshow, most releases have evolved into more complex and less chaotic soundscapes.

​Jason Vapor started is musical career back in the mid 80’s in Dallas Texas where he would make noise cassette tapes under the name “The No Names”. By the early 90’s rolled around and industrial music like Ministry, Thrill Kill Kult, Skinny Puppy have taken over Dallas club scene he was learning the craft of Sound Engineer at The Video Bar where he got to work with some of those same industrial bands.

Jason spent years in Dallas playing in punk and metal bands till he left the city and music business behind to live a more simple life in the Appalachian mountains. He never stopped creating music just stopped playing live and releasing music, But after about 14 years of that simple life he decided it was time to start playing again. He played guitar in a couple sludge/doom metal bands but got tired of all that drama and went back to his roots of releasing noise on cassette tapes…

​In December of 2017 Jason was joined by his long time girlfriend Goldie Paris. Goldie brought a whole other element of textures to the already complex soundscapes that GMG has evolved in to. Since then they have released several singles, ep’s and full length albums. They also play live shows throughout the southeast.