The Corrupting Sea

The Corrupting Sea is the ambient project of Jason T. Lamoreaux. Coming to the recording process late in life, Lamoreaux has played instruments since he was 16 years old. Previously seen as a sort of hobby, this new incarnation of his musical outlet seems to be something fuller and much more personally fulfilling. Currently based in Shelbyville, KY, the compositions in The Corrupting Sea are an expression of feelings and very personal experiences. For the most part, the ambient moods generated through Lamoreaux’s work are expressions of real-life stories and moments. Each track bares something of Lamoreaux’s inner person having been diagnosed with PTSD, a deep and abiding depression, and social anxiety disorder. The Corrupting Sea has become more of an escape from these things: they have become the moments in which those demons lead the way as well as those in which Lamoreaux triumphs over them.

The Corrupting Sea has had albums and EP’s released on Katuktu Collective, Silber Records, Aural Canyon, Do You Dream of Noise?, Somewherecold Records, Heterodox Records, and Cathedral Transmissions. The Corrupting Sea has played a number of shows in Dallas and Austin, TX as well as shows in Lexington and Louisville, KY, Crawfordsville, IN, Buffalo, NY, Montpelier, VT, and Laconia, NH. Jason T. Lamoreaux (The Corrupting Sea) owns and operates Somewherecold Records, mixes and masters, and is a visual artist under the name Sonic Wave Photography.