The Corrupting Sea – For Simplicity’s Sake


The Corrupting Sea: For Simplicity’s Sake is the newest studio album recorded at Somewherecold Studios in Shelbyville, Kentucky. This is The Corrupting Sea’s 15th studio album and a sort of return to the beginning. After a number of dense, deep, and long records, Jason Lamoreaux wanted to return to the simplicity of his recordings that were the first four or five albums. Minimalistic stems and shorter pieces were the goal of For Simplicity’s Sake so the artist could see what it was like to record in a way he did at the beginning but with all the experience the prior 14 albums had produced. The album is 14 tracks long clocking in at about 40 minutes in total.

Jason Lamoreaux currently resides in Shelbyville, KY and records under the name The Corrupting Sea. He runs the record label Somewherecold Records and has a visual art company called Sonic Wave Photography. Jason Lamoreaux has also started mastering albums for other artists at Somewherecold Studios and is planning to tour sometime in early 2022.

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