Production Unit Xero

Production Unit Xero (PUX) is an American electronic musician who has been cultivating high-quality IDM that stirs emotions and expands the mind since circa 2001.

His work which also heavily incorporates ambient, electro and breakbeat constructions, evokes the likes of Jega, early Mike Paradinas projects, and Proem.

While many like-minded artists who explore the fragmentation and deconstruction of electronic music hot rod down the proverbial bit-crushed strip of plugins and knob twiddling to only forget the importance of emotional connection, Ramon does not fall into this trap. Instead his work summons the spiritual and emotional element that often escapes experimental electronic music. His work takes me elsewhere and this is an important variable that I look for in art.

Mr. Mills who resides in Portland Oregon, is an active member of Portland’s vibrant live hardware scene and also runs the exquisite and stealthy net label Heterodox Records – which boasts a fine selection of experimental electronic releases from an assortment of underdogs and low profile programming wizards.



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